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Welcome to Mrs. Vickrey's Instructional Coach Page!
Please know that I am still available as a resource for both parents and teachers during this challenging time. 
My "office hours" are 8:00am-5:00pm each day. If you contact me during these hours I will get back to you as soon as possible!
Below you will find the link to the RCS Instructional Guides:
Parents, if you need any assistance with any of the county provided instructional resources, please feel free to contact me via email ( or through Class DOJO. I am happy to help with any questions you may have at this time.
For parents of students in tier math or reading-Please keep in mind that your child may need additional support to complete the lessons provided by the county. It may be difficult for him/her to complete these activities completely independently, which could result in frustration for both you and your child. Remember that all activities and resources are OPTIONAL and will not be graded. Here are some tips!
  • Use the recommended times to work (Day 1, 2, etc.) It could be very challenging to ask students to complete multiple days' tasks in one day. 
  • Schedule breaks during work times. It may be difficult to complete all daily tasks/subjects in one sitting. By giving them a break, it gives them a chance to reset, get out extra energy, and return to the task with fresh eyes. Let them know ahead of time - "We'll work 15 minutes then take a 5 min break" OR break the work into "chunks" - "Let's complete this chunk, then take a break."
  • Help them with reading the texts - You can help either by being available to help with words they don't know as they read independently, reading chorally with them, taking turns reading paragraphs or pages, or even reading aloud to them when necessary (you can always stop and let them help with words they probably know). 
  • Stop and ask questions as they read. The lessons provided by the county give examples of questions to go along with the provided texts. 
  • Read daily with them for ENJOYMENT! Let them know reading is fun! If you are reading aloud to them-choose books that may be a little above their instructional level-this helps build vocabulary and will help their fluency when they hear how YOU read.  
  • Give LOTS of encouragement and positive feedback as they work.  Let them what they are doing well, what they are doing right, instead of focusing only on what may be giving them trouble. 
  • For math, as they complete IReady lessons - remember the goal is to get at least 80% correct on the quiz at the end of the lesson.  It's okay to answer questions or to help them understand the skill as they do the lesson, BUT let them complete the quiz on their own.  This will give you an idea of how well they understand the skill.  
  • Last of all, simply use this time to support your child's learning and spend quality time with your child. Above all, YOU are the BEST resource for your child.  
Remember, we are all here to help in any way that we can.  I miss all the sweet faces and can't wait til we can all return to school!! Be safe and take care!