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Jesse Jeffers » P.E. Objectives/Standards

P.E. Objectives/Standards

P.E. Objectives

Physical education teaches children about mind and body benefits that come from staying fit, how to make healthy choices, and skills for participating in physical activity.  Consistent physical activity promotes learning, enhances self esteem, and improves overall health.  In addition, it provides opportunity to learn positive behaviors, morale values, good attitudes, sportsmanship, teamwork, self-discipline, rules, and work ethic. 

Physical education is a vital part of the total elementary school curriculum.  The outcome of this program are students who understand the benefits of staying fit, choose to lead healthy lifestyles, and have skills for participation in a variety of physical activities.

P.E. Standards


K Through 2nd Grades

  1. Fitness Activites
  2. Rolling
  3. Jump Rope Skills
  4. Catching
  5. Dodging
  6. Locomotor Skills
  7. Non-Locomotor Skills
  8. Striking Skills
  9. Kicking Skills
  10. Tag Games
  11. Manipulatives
  12. Parachute Unit
  13. Body Awareness
  14. Underhand Throwing
  15. Overhand Throwing
  16. Personal Space
  17. Combatives
  18. Volleying
  19. Parachute
  20. Jump Roping Skills
  21. Dribbling

3rd Through 5th Grades

  1. Fitness Activities
  2. Physical-Best Fitness Test
  3. Tennis Skills
  4. Football Skills
  5. Jump Rope Skills
  6. Basketball Skills
  7. Hockey Skills
  8. Scooter Hockey
  9. Paddle/Racquet Skills
  10. Recreational Games 
  11. Team Sports
  12. Soccer Skills
  13. Whiffleball 
  14. Volleyball 
  15. Tag Games
  16. Combatives
  17. Softball